FRP Flat Plate/Sheet
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FRP Flat Plate/Sheet

  • ZZ-00039

  • Zhongzheng or as per your demand

  • 3916909000

                                                                           FRP Flat Plate/Sheet

General Introduction
FRP Flat sheets are used as gusset plates, splice plates, round and square washers and as base plates.

FRP Pultruded sheet is produced with frp pultrusion process, which has smooth surface, also could be added sand to get anti-slip surface.

The molded sheet is produced with traditional production process of Hand Layup, which has free design for width, length and thickness.




Thickness * Width



3.2*1220 7.42
9.5*1220 22.02
12.7*1220 29.44
15.2*1220 35.30
19*1220 44.10


1.High mechanical strength and good impact touchness
2.Roughness surface and easy to clean
3.Corrosion resisatance,wear resistance,yellowing resistance,anti-aging
4.High temperature resustance
5.No deformation,low thermal conductivity,excellent insulation properties

Pultrusion Technique
Pultrusion is a continuous process using fiber reinforcements with thermosetting resin matrices. Pre-selected reinforcement materials, such as fiberglass roving, mat, woven fabrics or stitched fabric, are drawn through a resin bath in which all material is thorougly impregnated with a liquid thermosetting resin. Typical resins include polyesters, vinyl esters and phenolics. The wet-out fiber is formed to the desired geometric shape and pulled into a heated steel die. Once inside the die, the resin cure is initiated by controlling precise elevated temperature. The laminate solidifies in the exact cavity shape of the die, as it is continuously pulled by the pultrusion machine. Most any constant cross-section part can be pultruded.


Properties of pultrusion profiles
1. Corrosion resistant
2. Light weight and high strength
3. Anti-ageing
4. Easy maintenance
5. Excellent electromagnetism property
6. Excellent insulation property

Company Profile

Ningbo Zhongzheng steel grating Co. Ltd. is a professional enterprise in R & D., design, steel grating, SMC grating field. With innovative and pragmatic, scientific developing philosophy, following the criterion of ISO9001, it provides steel grating, stair tread, compound steel grating, fiberglass grating, drainage pit/trench cover, railing & stanchion, etc. It products are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, environmental protection, power plants, pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing, brewing water supply and drainage, transportation and other industries.
With its ten years of professional management experience and production in press welding steel grating, it is one of the few enterprises who have the technology of flat steel and galvanized steel grating in the industry. The plentiful resources, skilled team, and high level of management, make it be the fastest developed, most potential grating products supplier.
Ningbo Zhongzheng steel grating Co., Ltd strictly followed the brand management of "quality making value, innovation leading the future", to provide clients high quality assurance, drawing, mechanics calculation, data collation service. With high-quality products and services combined, it has been well recognized by clients all over the world. The products have been exported to different countries and regions, such as South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, France, Kenya, etc.
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